Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Days, Birthdays, and TCC Life

 It snowed here yesterday. I know it doesn't sound like I am saying it with much excitement. That is because I am not. I like snow around Christmas time and then I am done. I do not like being cold. At all. So I wish Spring would come quickly and then I will be happy. Very happy. Now I am done complaining about the weather. :)

Yesterday was my brother, Trenton's, 19th birthday! WOOT WOOT! (He is getting so old!) So yesterday was a bitter sweet day for me because of this. He will only be in the youth group for one more year. He will be moving on soon. Finding some godly young lady that takes his breath away, and moving out. Then there will be a wedding and by the time he is 25 he will have 3 children, four dogs, 2 goldfish, and a parakeet. Okay, okay not really but it is hard to see my big brother grow up and start becoming more and more independent. (I sound like an old lady! haha) Anyway, Happy Birthday to my favorite big brother in the whole world! :) ( maybe he is my only big brother but that is beside the point) I hope your birthday was swell! :)

Today is my mom's birthday! Another round of WOOT WOOT!s to go please. She is the ripe old age of *insert threatening mom voices and scared daughter voices here*.  She has to work today (no snow day for her) which is a bummer but I think her patients will help her to have a good birthday while she is working. (She seriously has the sweetest patients ever! They always bring her goodies and are so nice!) For her birthday we got her a Keurig...those things are amazing! I think I use it just as much as she does! Anyway, Hopping Bird Eggs to my madre! :) I love you!

Another of today's happenings:
I have no school (because of the snow) and so I am spending the morning at TCC with the Brobro. He offered to bring me so I can get to know the campus a little bit (since I will be coming next year) and so that I won't be cooped up at home all day long. Isn't he the nicest big brother ever?! Yeah I though so too! :) So this is me, sitting in the 'Fireplace Lounge' at TCC, blogging. While the guy sitting a little ways away jams out to music blaring out of his blue headphones and types away while slurping Dr. Pepper and munching pretzels. Earlier he was complaining about not having anything to eat for breakfast so he HAD to go get this wonderful snack (brain food lemme tell ya!) And then there is a random dude strolling up and down the hallway and every time he goes past he tries to stare me down. And every time I just smile at him like he is a long lost friend...I think it is confusing him (he honestly doesn't seem like the brightest light on the planet) because he starts squinting and then he kind of shrugs and plods on... I know. I am such a terrible person. It's fun though. :)
OH! And now there is a new guy here...he is drinking a Snapple and apparently he didn't get breakfast either because he is chomping on his finger nails. *gag* Okay.
No more narrating for me. This guy is cracking me up and I can't randomly start laughing and make everyone look at me.
This is me tugging on a straight face.
Anyway, I hope everyone's day is supermashtastic and your year is filled with happy healthy smiles! Peace out.

Monday, January 20, 2014


     It was a huge shock for both him and the family. He thought he injured his back and decided to visit the chiropractor. Eventually he wasn't in anymore pain and life moved on. Suddenly the pain came back with a vengeance, so much so that he thought he popped a rib out of place. He went to the Emergency Room, who sent him to a chiropractor. It consistently grew worse and worse and he was miserable. They finally sent him to a specialist after they realized that something more was going on. Shortly, they found out the truth. Travis had a cancer tumor growing on the outside of his lung. Struggling with the reality of this discovery, he, along with his family, also learned that he had cancer in his bones. 
         This was he beginning of a journey for my cousin Travis Chandler who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung and bone cancer. He got the bad news right before his 37th birthday and has been, along with his family and friends, waging a war with this disease. He had a very bad cure percentage, which was about 10% with radiation followed by a surgery and chemo, not to mention the meds he would have to be on for the rest of his life for his heart, liver, and kidneys. He decided not to do any treatment. If he was to live, God would have to do a miracle either way.
        Family, friends, acquaintances, and loved ones from all over the U.S. began to pray for Travis as soon as they found out. Churches were open every night for prayer for anyone that wanted to come pray for Travis. Even if they didn't believe the same things. If you loved Travis and wanted to pray, the doors were open. Churches began collectively fasting and praying for a miracle. Individuals also joined in. A benefit dinner was held with an incredible turnout. People that loved Travis began popping out of the woodwork and the love and support that was shown was unbelievable.
    On Sunday, January 12th,  Travis was strong enough to go to church. A couple came to that service. They were friends with Travis and had come previously to pray for his healing. During that
service Travis helped pray them through to the Holy Ghost. That night, Travis was again, to weak to attend church.

  On Sunday, January 19th of 2014, Travis went home to Jesus. While we mourn because we miss him who we so dearly loved, we rejoice because he is truly happy and pain free. Many weep with the sorrow that they feel at seeing the wonderful man finally see his creator face to face. I am one of those people. So is his wife Brandy, and his two daughters, Whitney and Haley. And his parents, brothers, and in-laws. Along with many friends and family members, too many to name.

  Rest in Peace Travis. I love you. And while I grieve your loss, I rejoice at the legacy you have left behind. I miss you already. I miss your laugh. The way you smile. The way you lit up the room right when you walked in. The way that you could make me laugh even when I didn't feel like it. The corny jokes you told. Your STOMP imitations. Your prayers. Your hugs. I miss you a lot. Give your little boy a hug from me. I love you.